3/28/17 Storm Chase
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Monday, April 03, 2017
By Angie Kay Photography and Design
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On March 28, 2017 I had the privilege of riding along with Tammy Bethel, a severestudios.com storm chaser.

We headed out towards West Texas about an hour north of the Abilene area. It was definitely a bucket list item of mine getting checked off  and probably one of the most exhilarating days of my life, being the storm nerd that I am.

Most of the pictures you see here are around the Throckmorton, Munday, , Weinert Texas area. If you are a storm fanatic like myself and ever get the chance to ride along with a storm chaser I highly recommend it.

 We pulled out of Burleson Texas around 1 PM that afternoon to head out towards the where the storms were heading. As we approached it was apparent according to the radar that things were going extremely active in terms of tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings being issued by the National Weather Service.

By the time we arrived into the area around 4:00 PM there were approximately seven warnings posted by the National Weather Service in the immediate area that we were in.  After following the storms most of the afternoon and into the evening we eventually ended up getting stuck in mud down a county road which set us back by about an hour and a half. Some friends came to our rescue, got us out of the mud and we decided to hang it up and head back to Fort Worth.

 We pulled into the Burleson area right as the storms went ballistic that moved into the Fort Worth metroplex around 2 AM. My driving skills are not as good as Tammy's when it comes to driving in severe weather so my drive home to Fort Worth from Burleson at 2 AM with straight-line wind conditions was absolutely terrifying but I did make it home safely. lol 

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